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Here at Red Cardinal Effect, we a truly creating ways to make life more convenient for you.

We understand as entertainers, artists and entreprenuers, that you sometimes you just need help from a trust worthy source.

We provide the service of copyrights, royalty collection placement, song registration  and making sure that you are set up with the proper agencies to collect your royalties, wether it comes in forms of mechanical, synchronization and more.

We place your music within major databases, such as HFA, Neislon and much more, to ensure that you are set up for success. 

You work hard in your craft. Why not reap the benefits of it as well. 

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Is your work protected?

Most times, in the excitment of the release of new material, the essentials can often times be overlooked.

Allow us to handle the leg work so you can focus on whats important.


Is your music registered? Most times artist miss out on tons of monetary opportunities simply because they are not registered. 

Red Cardinal Effect set you up with a PRO to set you on the rights track.


Agency Placement to collect royalties can be very time consuming and very confusing. 

We take pride in bringing you the  convenience of placing your art in the databases of agencies that we have researched to collect your royalties and direct those funds back to you.


Electronic Press Kit is similar to a digital resume. Only the look, theme and information placed within can determine whether you get the opportunity or even get the time of day.

We specialize in creating wonderful EPK for thriving artist looking to start pitching for performing oppurtunities.

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